I already get used to sleeping in the car lately.

Actually I like it, not so bad.

N I got the free blanket from my Brunei friend, so I dont feel cold anymore.

Last week, I came back to aqua lodge to visit everybody n I felt happy.

At that time, I realized I have to go to Malaysia.

I knew I'll be thousands happier than it.

I'll come back n say goodbye to everybody tomorrow.

It's also sad that I'll leave my happy pakhouse.

So many nice workmates there. Espeacially Starsh!

I hope I wont cry on Monday.... Orz

I'll meet Hing soon. So happy lah!

I'm so hungry without her....That's why I lose a little weight lately :P

I think we should stay in Willy and Danidin even I reli hate those places.

Cos this is Hing's first and the only time to travel in south.

South in Autumn must be very different.

I look forward to it!!

I'll become a very serious driver soon....

I hope Hing wont sleep cos of too boring when I drive.

Anyway, I am sad about leaving but excited at traving in South at the same time.

Very complicated eh.

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