This afternoon, I met Saori and Machico on K'Rd.

Long time no see. I really miss u two.

We had such great time in YHA and Chinese supermarket today!!

I've just left Lantana for 5 days, but I feel I've left for a long time.

Although I still can meet other people on my trip, I will never forget u.

You both are such special and great friends. I miss u already.

It's so amazing that English isn't our native language, but we still have so much fun.

I really like u and enjoy hanging out with u.

After I said goodbye to u, I almost cried on my way home.

We are from different country, it's hard for us to meet each other in the future.

BUT someday when I go to Tokyo again, you must take me to Izakaya. so please  XD


This is working holiday.This is life.

To say goodbye is sooooo hard.


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